MisfitPUGGs Rescue is One mOmie & Pug.. Dedicated to rescuing Homeless and Abandoned Pugs in Our Community through Adoptions, Community Awareness, Fostering and Caring for the Misfits until lOving Homes can be found...

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Asker nichole37h Asks:
hi ! i am looking to adopt a pug, as they are my favorite dog in the world. i am not able to access your adoption application, there is an error reading 'page not found', or something like that. i live in cedar city, utah, and i am willing to travel to rescue my next family member. thank you for your help ! sincerely, nichole hodgins
misfitpugg misfitpugg Said:

Hi darlin, I haven’t done rescue in years .. sO I wouldn’t be much help to ya .. That’s why my website no longer exists and no access anywhere .. I’ve tried to take everything down off the web, but once it’s online it’s kinda stuck sO I still get messages here and there .. One person who Can help you is Suzann Goertzen .. Tell her I sent ya, she’s a good friend of mine who is the President of PugPals in Boise Idaho .. Dont worry about traveling .. We have all kinds of ways to get your pug to you .. she is the one that helped me run MisfitPUGGs here in Utah .. All we did was Branch out PugPals from Idaho to Utah .. And PugPals still covers my ground .. Her number is 208-484-2686 .. Here’s there website sO you can check out available Pugs .. But make sure she knows I sent ya .. Suzanne is awesome & you’ll lOve her .. http://pugpals.org/